Are you really the one and only?

What!? You’re getting married and planning a wedding? Your wedding planner or event coordinator has a list of protocols to follow? Oh, so, not only a wedding, but also a corporate event? You’re kidding!!! There is also a marketing event coming up for your business next month?! Wow, you’re busy!

Ok, so let’s think this through. My initial thought is that…deep breath and read fast now…whether or not you are planning a wedding, working on a unique marketing ploy, or just a plain old fun as heck event, you probably don’t want to follow a formulaic pattern that, at some point a long time ago, some other creative mastermind came up with while singing in the shower. Am I right? (Hint: Yes, I am.)

The song for this post is “The One and Only” by Chesney Hawkes. You can find it on Spotify or the early 90’s music video (hahaha…so awesome) on YouTube.

Call me, call me by my name or call me by number
You put me through it
I’ll still be doing it the way I do it
And yet, you try to make me forget
Who I really am, don’t tell me I’m no best
I’m not the same as all the rest

So, I have a solution for you. Yep, it’s applicable for any of the above events and parties. Here it is: Make your own ReallyColor custom coloring books from your photos and pass them out to your guests.

  • Let people color cute photos of the couple and the family, or who and whatever is unique to you.
  • Distribute your coloring books at your corporate event.
  • Don’t forget about birthday parties! I mean seriously…kids love coloring themselves!
  • If you are a real estate company, let people color photos of your properties…boom, marketing problem solved.
  • How cool would it be, at your holiday party, to pass out coloring books filled with coloring pages of your co-workers or…your boss?
  • Your turn…what ideas do you have?

Don’t forget that we can customize your books pretty much however you’d like. Just ask us:

Thanks for reading. Ok, gotta go…I have my own celebrating to do. Till next time. Ciao!

I am the one and only
Nobody I’d rather be
I am the one and only
You can’t take that away from me

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